Data Mining
Done Right

Why work out of multiple systems when you can have the power of both integrated into one? Say goodbye to inputting notes in multiple places, making multiple calls to the same customer confusing them, and creating extra work for you and your staff.

Unleash the power of Data Mining without leaving the comfort of your CRM.

ProMax Data Core


Take advantage of ProMax’s robust data sets to paint a more meaningful picture of a customer. With credit directly integrated, you will know your customer’s position to buy before they set foot in the store. Build rapport by keeping conversations relevant to the customer to ultimately drive retention and loyalty.

Trade Alerts

Top Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Shorten the customer buying cycle and identify your best opportunities with Trade Alerts. Know which customers are in an equity position and entice them to upgrade for a lower payment, better rate, and/or more rebates. Acquire the pre-owned inventory you and your customers are wanting.

One Platform | One Strategy

Leverage Actionable Data from Anywhere in the Platform

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting the most out of data mining because ‘no one is using it’? With Stack, data mining is directly integrated throughout the entire platform so that it is front and center for every customer interaction. No more toggling back and forth between the customer profile and the deal you’re trying to close.

Automated Follow-Up

Deliver the Right Task
to the Right Employee
at the Right Time

Work smarter, not harder with Data Mining built directly into your follow-up processes. Leverage Trade Alerts to automate outreach to your best opportunities, initiate relevant conversations, and automatically cancel tasks that are no longer necessary.

One Customer Record

Have All Your Notes and History in One Place

When multiple employees are communicating with a customer, it is critical that everyone is on the same page. With two systems, that’s impossible, making for uncomfortable missteps and an awkward experience for everyone. When Data Mining and CRM are seamlessly integrated, this is no longer an issue because all notes and history follow the customer, regardless of where you are in the platform.

Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

The Right Message, to the Right Customer, at the Right Time

No more spray and pray – use data to your advantage with targeted campaigns that move inventory, bring customers to your lot and service lanes, and optimize profits with outreach to your best opportunities.

In Stock Inventory Upgrades

Match Customers to Vehicles You Have in Stock

Do you have aged units on your lot for the first time in years? Are you trying to figure out how to drive traffic to sell those vehicles?

With Stack’s Data Mining, we automatically match all the customers that can upgrade to those in-stock units for a quicker, more profitable inventory turn.