Customer Relationship Management


We looked at the automotive landscape and reimagined our platform from the ground up with an eye toward the future. That’s why Stack powered by ProMax is the best choice in automotive CRM. Easy to use, scalable, and customizable to your needs.

A modern CRM for a modern dealership.

The Stack CRM combines all aspects of lead management, follow-up, workplans, and more into a streamlined all-in-one solution.

Modern Platform for the Modern Dealership


ProMax’s award-winning Stack CRM has everything you need to attract prospects, nurture existing relationships, and win back former customers. Market instantly to prospects with texts, email campaigns, e-brochures, and more.

Mobile-First Design


The ProMax App has everything a salesperson needs to do their job from any smartphone or tablet. They can log ups, scan VINs, stop the clock on leads, check inventory, manage workplans, and much more!

Fully Integrated Platform


Our CRM works seamlessly with all of Stack’s modules: Desking, Inventory, Websites, Data Mining, Call Tracking, plus all major DMS and 3rd party providers. Stop wasting time going from one system to another or doing double data entry and streamline your Internet, BDC, and Sales departments.

Intelligent Workflow Management


Stack makes it easy to implement daily workplans for your sales department and to track every lead from any source while effectively follow up with built-in processes. Add to that our best-in-class training and support- no one is more passionate about helping dealers than us.


ProMax’s Call Tracking solution ensures that every inbound and outbound call at your dealership is handled properly. Powered by Marchex, Stack Call Tracking integrates directly into our Stack CRM, and enables you to accurately assess the performance of your lead sources and sales personnel.

  • Integrated into your CRM- all ‘ups’ are automatically logged with lead source
  • Full analytics- utilize AI-powered speech tracking to know at a glance how calls are going
  • Level up your game- all calls are tracked and recorded for review and training
  • Robust reporting- discover who is making calls and how effective calls are with full performance metrics including ROI