Credit and Compliance

Same Bureaus. Better Price. More Ways to Maximize Profits.

ProMax is the only Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of all three credit bureaus with integrated Credit, CRM, and Desking in the retail auto industry! Because of this, we are able to offer the most comprehensive set of credit and soft pull tools of any CRM/Desking provider.

Pulling credit and staying compliant is seamlessly woven into your Sales process with Stack.

Unlock the Full Potential of Leads with Integrated Credit

  • Work better leads with better data — Know your prospect’s exact credit score and trade information before you even start the conversation.
  • Access your customer’s credit information instantly and keep it secure within the ISO/IEC 270-01 fully-certified Stack platform.
  • Receive one bill for all soft/hard credit pulls and avoid duplicate pulls to cash in on more savings.
  • Access customer credit information from sister stores, at no additional charge.

Protect Your Dealership, Your Customers & Your Hard-Earned Profits

Rules are ever-changing and often seem confusing and complex, and if mistakes are made the resulting fines and penalties can be staggering. Don’t put your business and reputation on the line with an inferior product!

Our solution will help protect your dealership, your customers, your employees, and your hard-earned profits.

We Cover Every Facet of Compliance

  • Identity Verification and Fraud Mitigation
  • Employment and Income Verification
  • OFAC
  • Privacy Notice
  • Red Flags
  • Risk-Based Pricing
  • Adverse Action
  • Military Lending Act
  • In-Depth Reporting
  • E-Signatures
  • Digital File Storage and Access
  • And much more!

Same bureaus, better price

  • No Process Changes*
  • Same Credit Data 
  • Lower Bill

*You can keep access through RouteOne or DealerTrack.