stack powered by promax



Boost Sales With the
Acura Certified CRM!

Don’t leave your CRM to chance: use an award-winning platform that has been a Certified Partner of Acura for 15 years!

What is Stack?

Stack powered by ProMax provides your team with one fully-integrated ecosystem for building and nurturing customer relationships – CRM, Data Mining, Desking, Credit, Compliance, Inventory, Websites, and more- all in one easy-to-use platform!

What does ProMax provide for Acura dealers?

Stack is a Certified CRM Partner for Acura:

  • Integrated Digital Retailing
  • Enhanced customer data displayed in a one of a kind Lead Details Panel
  • Custom assignment, follow-up and lead routing capabilities with Inactivity Alerts
  • Dedicated Acura Performance Reporting
  • And much more!

How can Stack help my dealership?

In so many ways! Streamline your sales process and elevate your dealership’s success with ProMax’s award-winning CRM/Desking platform certified with Acura! Our all in one easy-to-use platform has everything you need…

Reach out to us today to learn more about how Stack can help your dealership.